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Don't forget to keep track of your access code!!!

When you submit a tip through this online app, you will receive a message like the one below-
"Tip was successfully created. You may access this tip moving forward with the following access code: f092f0"
It is important that you keep track of your access code so that you may see our reply. IF YOU SUBMIT A TIP AND DO NOT LOGIN TO CHECK THE STATUS OF THE TIP, YOUR COMPLAINT MAY NOT BE INVESTIGATED. Simply submitting a tip does not signify that a criminal investigation will be conducted. Most tips we receive lack important information that we need which would allow us to legally investigate a complaint. We need to know "Who, What, When, Where and How you know". Without this vital information, we may not have the legal justification necessary to investigate your complaint. Here is an example of a tip that we cannot investigate-
"My son comes home high and you won't arrest his drug dealer."
We need to know who his drug dealer is or at minimum, where he lives. There are several ways to obtain this information such as a vehicle plate number or the street address of the dealer. Once we have the legal right to do so, we will begin what will most likely become a lengthy investigation in order to arrest your sons' drug dealer. If you do not wish to provide us with the information we need, you might give "parenting" a try ;)

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What is tip411?

tip411 is an anonymous tip line designed to allow the public to report non-emergency criminal activity directly to the Hazard Police Department. You may submit a tip in several ways- by using your mobile phone to text tips to keyword HAZARDPD along with your tip to 847411, by sharing information through our integrated web form, or by downloading our free smartphone app from iTunes or Google Play.

Our tip system is anonymous

When you use our tip system, you will be issued a randomly generated access code which is also used as your "tipster" ID. That's what we see when we receive the tip. We are then able to converse with you using that ID which is provided by and not us.

When submitting a tip

Please be as descriptive as possible (Including- Who, What, When, Where, and How Do You Know).

By submitting a tip through our service

You acknowledge that the tip must first be examined in the same manner as all reports of criminal activity are currently examined by the Hazard Police Department. You also acknowledge that the information you provide does not automatically represent that a investigation is now or will in the future be opened based on this tip alone.

This service is intended for non-emergency use only